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Welcome to Thunder Lake Press, where our goal is to provide readers with engrossing fiction running the gamut from literary works to suspenseful thrillers–fiction that will entertain and engage readers.

Our newest title: Mad Dog House

Roddy Dolan and Danny Burns, a surgeon and an accountant with checkered pasts, become silent partners in a Manhattan steakhouse. They’re swept up in a criminal maelstrom that threatens their families’ lives. Though Roddy thought he buried his past, he’s squeezed between choices–both of them bad. But Roddy has a plan . . .

Mad Dog House is the first of several upcoming thrillers and mysteries, including Assassin’s Lullaby about a best-selling crime novelist who finds himself in the district attorney’s crosshairs following the death of his wife, and Crazy Love about a successful young surgeon who has no idea of the scorpion’s nest into which he’s stepped when he meets a beautiful young nurse.

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