Mad Dog Justice by Mark Rubinstein

Roddy Dolan, a surgeon, and Danny Burns, an accountant, are being hunted as prey. Someone is after them—with lethal intentions—but they don’t know who or why. Whoever it is, and for whatever reason, they and their families are in the crosshairs of killers. Everything they know is unravelling. They must hide, send their families away, abandon their homes, and leave their lives behind.

The jaws of the vise grow tighter as the hunters close in. Roddy and Danny are not sure they can even trust each other. The police are not helping. In fact, they’re asking all the wrong questions.

The second book in the Mad Dog series, Mad Dog Justice is a harrowing tale of friendship, morality, betrayal, and dire consequences. From the tense opening chapter to the frenzied climax, the novel keeps you turning pages and guessing what will happen next.